7 tips for dealing with your inner critic

7 tips for dealing with your inner critic

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It is a very popular saying that you are always going to be the toughest critic to yourself. There’s always that one voice in the back of your head that reminds you of every mistake that you make and tries to lower your confidence. Though the inner critic enables you to be a better person at times, it can also keep you away from success at times. 

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It can cause some serious damage to your self-esteem so you have to get that under control. This continuous negative thinking is not good for your mental health and you need to learn to work around it. In this article, we will tell you some tips that will assist you to get your inner critic in control and gain more success in life. 

Try to be more in touch with your thoughts and feelings

It is said in a study that a human has more than 6k thoughts each day.

With so many thoughts coming and going out of your brain, it can be hard to keep a check of each and everything you think about. In reality, you have to know the source of all the negative thoughts in order to stop them.

Your thoughts certainly follow a specific pattern which you have to be aware of to understand the reasons for all the negativity. Once you learn how to control your brain, it will be easier for you to gain control over the inner critic. 

By gaining this awareness, you will find it easier to segregate those thoughts into good and negative ones. You will also learn that not everything your mind comes up with is going to be true. 

In case you make a mistake, distract yourself instead of constantly thinking about it

This is one of the biggest reasons why the inner critic is so hard to control for a lot of people. Once we make a mistake, we spend hours, even days just repeating those events and dwelling over it.

We suggest that you focus on other things for a while instead of repeating those events in your head. Once you get some time away from that situation and calm down, you can always come back and think about it. 

Instead of repeating it a thousand times and thinking about what you could have done differently, do some kind of activity like working out, painting, etc to keep yourself occupied. 

Advice yourself like you would advise a loved one

Because of the inner critic, we often end up saying harsh things when things don’t go as planned. For silencing your inner critic, you need to stop the habit of being that tough on yourself. 

One way to do that is to talk to yourself like you would talk to a loved one. Think about how you will advise your friend or a family member if they failed in doing something and are asking you to help. Because then you won’t say negative things as you don’t want to hurt their feelings. 

This is something that can make a huge difference because this way you will be much gentle about your actions. Instead of the negative thoughts that come from the inner critic, you will focus on correcting yourself with more affection. 

Replace negative thinking with acceptance and drive to move forward

The negative thoughts that the inner critic comes up with are often taken as the sign of not being enough by people. You need to stop thinking like that in order to avoid getting overwhelmed by the inner critic in you.

Find ways in which you can accept the fact that you may need to work a bit harder and that acceptance will do wonders for you. Use that feeling of wanting to do more as something that drives you forward in life. 

Accepting that you have a weakness of some sort is the first step you can take towards the goal of improving yourself as a human. Acceptance will allow you to take the negative thoughts as a push for yourself to work better. 

Shower yourself with positivity once in a while

The best way to not get phased by the negativity is to focus on what’s good and positive in life. You can lessen the weight being put on you by the inner critic by thinking positively about every situation. 

Declutter your mind by meditating or other calming activities each day and fill your mind with words of encouragement. The more positive you are about failure, the more easy silencing the inner critic will be. 

Some other ways to create a positive mindset are reading, watching motivational videos, working out, etc. Try out different techniques and get rid of the negativity you have in your body. 

Never let the inner critic’s voice overpower your own thoughts

It’s totally understandable for the inner voice to become too loud at times but it should never hide your own voice. You have to learn to act on what you think by ignoring the inner critic at times. 

It’s essential to direct your attention towards what you want instead of what the inner critic is telling you to do. Being strong about your intention will make it easier to deal with the self-criticism as well. 

Ultimately, you need to learn to just smile at some of those harsh inner critics and focus on not repeating the same mistakes in the future. 

Always know that there is tomorrow for you to improve

The inner critic often makes it seem like making a mistake is the end of your life which is not true at all. You have to remind yourself to take a breath and know that it’s okay to fail a few times. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by self-criticism, say it a few times in your head that you will get many chances in the future to fix the mistakes you made. This will put your heart at ease for some time and you will be able to deal with the stress in a better way. 


These are all the tips we have for you in this article that will help you to deal with the inner critic. Keep in mind that silencing the inner critic can take time and you have to try out different things to gain control over it. 
We hope that this article helps you to be more in touch with your thoughts and use the inner critic as a guide to building a better future.

inner critic, are you your own worst critic?


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